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A Quick & Delicious Vegan Pizza

A Quick & Delicious Vegan Pizza

A 15 min recipe for vegan pizza. Enjoy this healthy cheat meal with the family \.

The Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes

The Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes

Are you craving pancakes this weekend but don’t want the extra sugar or calories that comes with traditional American style pancakes? I can help. My fluffy Vegan pancake recipe is delicious, takes 5 mins to make, and doesn’t have any processed ingredients. The best part of it all? It’s packed with omega 3 and doesn’t require dairy.

How To Get Your Children Living Healthy?

How To Get Your Children Living Healthy?

It has become more evident that obesity rates among kids are at their highest right now. The food industry has revolutionized how they make our food by adding preservatives, dyes, chemicals, additives, refined sugar and using genetically modified corn (gmos) which is poison for our children. Most of the food our children consume today is processed and high in sugar and fat.

This is what the experts are predicting for the future:
 There will be less females and males in sports because most of our population will be obese and unhealthy
 1 in 3 kids will have diabetes, cancer and heart disease
 Our children will suffer academically which will lead to depressed, unmotivated, suicidal adults

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Did this spark anger in you? It sure did to us when we read this for the first time. We need to be the change for our kids. We need to teach our kids that health is everything. Motivate our kids to be better to pursue careers in fitness, sports and high intelligence jobs that require mental strength. We need to push them every day to be better than they were the day before.

That’s why I made a decision a year ago to add juicing to my son’s diet, remove meat, and add all kinds of vegetables, grains, nuts, and plant based protein. Does he have sugar from time to time? Of course, he’s a child! But he only eats it at special occasions and only after he has had a healthy meal in the day. My son doesn’t know till this day what it’s like to eat McDonald’s or Burger King food because he knows fast food is off limits. I’ve been teaching my son since last year how to have control over food and how to heal naturally with vegetables/fruits, teas and oils. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing my son enjoy a very healthy meal. He looks forward to his green juices and healthy meals. Knowing that he’s on the right path with his health let’s me know we are doing a good job. His health comes first and he knows it.

For all the moms that think this isn’t possible, I’m here to tell you it is! You are the food boss at home. You control what they eat. You cook their food and put it on their plate. Don’t leave it up to your kids to decide what to eat. You’re the boss so put your foot down and make healthier choices for them. They will thank you in the future.

Here are some photos of my son enjoying a healthy meal and juice!











So what should you do to change the health of your children?

  1.  Be an example for your children. Eat healthy foods and they will follow.
  2.  Educate your children on how to fuel their bodies with healthy foods, especially vegetables.
  3.  Replace “fake foods” with nature’s foods. Avoid frozen and processed foods. Any foods that come in a bag or are made in a lab should be avoided. Those foods have a lot of chemicals.
  4.  Encourage your kids to workout with you so they can stay strong and active. Let them run, exercise, or practice a sport they like.
  5.  Introduce your kids to vegetables as soon as they are able to eat solid foods and add it to their meals at least once a day. You can add vegetables in their smoothies, juices, sandwiches, soups and salads.
  6.  Replace store brand juices with all natural juices made at home with any juicer of your choice. To learn how to get your kids juicing, check out this post.
  7.  Make a healthy diet mandatory at home. as parents, we know what’s best for them. Would you let a child decide what school they go to? When to do their hw? Or when to shower and brush their teeth? No right? So why are we letting our children decide what they want to eat?
  8.  Add grains, seeds, and leafy greens to your family’s meals (see recipes here)
  9.  Monitor the junk food. We will let kids be kids on special occasions, but try to eliminate the junk and fast food on a daily basis and add more whole foods.
  10.  Encourage your kids to start juicing. You can check out our book on how to get your kids started here.

What are you doing to change your health, your family’s health, and our world? Decide today to join this movement and change your life and your children’s lives forever! If you have any questions or need any support to get your children live a healthy lifestyle, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to support you in any way I can.

Stay healthy, including your lil’ ones!

ARK Mommy




These are the 3 steps we took to start our health journey! Let’s transform our health, body and mind.

What They Didn’t Tell About Us About Health…

What They Didn’t Tell About Us About Health…

We go through life learning nothing about health. But it’s never too late to get informed and start making changes. Invest in your health for a better quality of life.

Meal Prepping The Healthy & Vegetarian Way

Meal Prepping The Healthy & Vegetarian Way

Like the saying goes, if you fail to plan you are planning to fail! Sunday’s are the days to plan your meals for the week. I didn’t realize how important it was to meal plan until I hit a weight loss plateau. Meal prepping is crucial to your health journey and your weight loss success because it will keep you structured with your meals so you don’t end up binging or eating unhealthy foods.

Not only that, it also helps you balance your meals so that you can get the right amount of protein, carbs, and vegetables on a daily basis. People who don’t meal prep end up buying junk food or fast food when they are hungry because they resort to quick and easy meals. They also end up skipping meals which will slow down their metabolism and cause weight gain. The best way to stay on track is to meal prep for the week, so take one day a week that works for you and prepare your healthy meals. It will take you approximately 2 hours to make all your meals.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day but what we do with them is what counts. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is what they do in those 24 hours. If you want to make changes, you have to plan and take action.

These are some examples of how we meal prep the vegetarian way (even my 5 year old eats these foods):






Carbs: brown bismati rice, mashed sweet potatoes and plantains
Protein: pinto beans, asparagus, peas, edamame, roasted cauliflower
Veggies: olives and pickles



Morning drink: green juices with kale, lemon, celery, and apples
Carbs:  baked plantains with pepper and pink saltProtein: black wild rice (it’s a grain with amazing benefits)
Vegetables and Protein:

  • Sauteed asparagus with peas
  • Sautéed veggies (corn, brussel sprouts, peppers, onions and carrots) with turmeric, garlic, and pink salt
  • Cut cabbage in strips to eat on the side with vinegar and olive oil
  • Cooked broccoli patties after blending them with flaxseeds, coconut flour, peppers, onions, tomatoes and cilantro. 


Vegetables: Cauliflower, peas, carrots, corn, peppers, onions, scallions and cilantro with turmeric, black pepper, garlic and pink salt
Carbs: mashed red potatoes with pink salt and black wild rice. The potatoes look pink because I used the water from the beets to mash them. Colorful 🙂
Protein: mushrooms and roasted tempeh with olive oil, pepper and pink salt
Sides: boiled beets and pickles
Snacks: blueberries for morning and walnuts/coconut flakes for afternoon

If you haven’t started meal prepping, start today! You will be glad you started.

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Health Is Wealth

Health Is Wealth

If you want to achieve optimal health and get in the best shape of your life, working out is a must. The rewards are amazing! You become a better person because of your fitness journey. And you break the cycle of obesity in your home. Now your children will want to join you in your health and fitness journey and they will pass that on to their kids.

Need Healthy Recipes for 2017? Check these out!

Need Healthy Recipes for 2017? Check these out!

If you’re not sure what foods to eat to start transforming your health, just start adding more vegetables to your meals. Here I share with you 3 delicious healthy breakfast and lunch/dinner recipes to get you started. Check them out!

What Does It Mean To Be Healthy? It’s Not All About Looks!

What Does It Mean To Be Healthy? It’s Not All About Looks!

Being healthy is a mental state AND a physical state.

My weight loss journey since 2013

Have you ever seen women on social media advertising their fast weight loss results? I see them all the time on my FB and IG newsfeed.  They don’t show the emotional or physical struggles or what regimen they followed to get there but they guarantee you that their product will give you results in a short period of time. These posts scream out SHORTCUTS AND FALSE CLAIMS!

The picture above shows my weight loss in the last few years. It also shows what yo-yo dieting and “fast weight loss programs” have done to me. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. Being that I didn’t know anything about health, nutrition or taking care of myself through a healthy lifestyle, I used to resort to weight loss programs that guaranteed fast results. And they did just that!

My Journey

In 2013, I lost almost 50lbs eating frozen meals (from a popular brand) and working out maybe once or twice a week. I was barely consuming 2000 calories a day and I was feeding my body processed foods. I lost 50lbs in about 5 months which is not the norm. At this time, I didn’t know how to cook healthy foods and all I cared about was losing weight for the summer. Guess what happened a few months later?

In 2014, I gained all the weight back plus another 10lbs. This has been the heaviest I’ve ever been. This kind of weight increase is not only very unhealthy for you but it also impacts your mental health. You don’t feel confident or good about yourself. You feel like you’re in a body that isn’t yours. You’re not yourself. I knew I had to change but it wasn’t the right time. I was too busy with work and life that I just put that aside for 2015.

2015 came around. Nothing changed other than I started getting tired of feeling like crap all the time. My weight remained constant and I had no motivation to do anything. Sitting on the couch and eating junk food was the norm. But deep down I knew this couldn’t last anymore. I wanted more out of life. I wanted to feel good and look good but I also wanted to show my son how to be healthy. I had no idea where to even begin. So I hired a nutritionist/coach to get me started. I decided to change my health in December 2015. At first I wasn’t really sticking to her plan but then I saw an interview from Russell Simmons about health and veganism and everything just clicked for me. The rest is history.

A Healthy Mind = A Healthy Body

In Jan 2016, I began to learn about a healthy lifestyle, changed our diet to a plant based one, became juicing addicts, started exercising 5 days a week and began changing our lifestyle to a healthier one.  It took me a year to really understand how to lose weight the natural way, and the true definition of being healthy. I knew that going the natural route would take longer and more work, but I was committed to only doing it this way! Since then I’ve lost 40 lbs and have kept it off but not only that I’m in the best shape of my life physically, emotionally and mentally which is what being healthy is really about.

The struggle was real ladies. The journey has been long and hard but once you experience a healthy lifestyle, there’s no way you’ll go back. It’s a lifestyle that requires commitment and perseverance every single day but also comes with so many rewards starting with how you feel inside.

Looking good is always a plus for me but focusing on feeling good inside, being able to play with my son without getting out of breath or just having energy to get through my day without dreading it is what really matters to me.  I encourage you to focus on your health, whether it’s to feel good in and out, or to get mental clarity to pursue your goals, or to get in the best shape of your life.

You don’t need those weight loss programs, pills, teas or shakes that promise fast results. All you need to do is:

  • Eat your veggies
  • Eat your fruits
  • Start juicing once a day
  • Avoid junk food
  • Eliminate sugar
  • Manage carbs and
  • Workout a few times a week

You don’t need to starve yourself or count calories to get healthy because eating healthy is a lifestyle. You lose the weight and keep it off.

The first step in getting healthy is to change your definition of healthy. When I realized that being healthy was not all about looks, my whole life changed. And when I realized that you can be healthy the all natural way, my journey began.

Change your health and change your life, not just your looks.

Thank you for reading my post. Please like and share if you believe that this information can motivate or inspire someone who needs to start their health journey.

Stay Healthy!

Healthy Delicious Juice Recipes That Will Keep You Coming Back For More

Healthy Delicious Juice Recipes That Will Keep You Coming Back For More

If you want to try juicing but don’t know which juice recipes to start with, check out our family’s favorite juice recipes!