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Don’t We Love Pancakes? I Mean The Healthy Ones!

Don’t We Love Pancakes? I Mean The Healthy Ones!

Check out my recipes for healthy, delicious, vegan pancakes that your family will love! Replace those frozen and processed pancakes with homemade ones!

Prevent Colds & Flu With Natural Juices & Teas

Prevent Colds & Flu With Natural Juices & Teas

Prevent colds and flu this season with a juice and tea recipe that is 100% natural and doesn’t have a list of side effects or warning labels on them!

Meal Planning Is Crucial To Your Health & Success

Meal Planning Is Crucial To Your Health & Success

Have you ever felt like you needed to make some drastic diet changes in your life that were necessary to improve you and your family’s health but you had no idea where to start or what to cook? I am very familiar with that.

I was one of those moms that had no experience in the kitchen so I resorted to junk food, fast food, unhealthy foods, and processed frozen foods. I didn’t have a meal plan or any cooking experience to explore with healthy foods. I actually hated the kitchen because I felt liked I lacked the knowledge and experience to make delicious healthy meals for my family. That’s the reason many families are not healthy today. Many families don’t plan their meals for the week so they end up grabbing frozen foods that take a few minutes to prepare or take out. I lived that lifestyle for many years until I had enough and realized that my family’s health was being affected by my inability to cook healthy meals.

I decided one day to make some serious changes to our family’s diet and began experimenting in the kitchen. I started with juicing, then started to add more vegetables to our meals, and after a few months I began to put healthy meals together. I learned how to meal prep the healthy way from bloggers that were following a vegetarian and plant-based diet. It took me months to piece together healthy recipes and learn how to cook vegetarian meals. The journey was long and hard…I learned almost everything on my own…I had to figure out everything on my own…I made lots of mistakes…But it doesn’t have to be that way!

When I made a decision to live a healthy lifestyle, I didn’t have a meal planner to help me. I wish I did…I wish someone would have told me there was an easier way. If you’re a mom that wants to change your family’s health for good, you should use a meal planner that will give you all the tools you need to prepare healthy meals and allow you to customize your meal plans based on your family’s needs.

Whether you’re looking to try a vegetarian, paleo or traditional diet, you should use REAL PLANS. A meal planner guide that has 1500 healthy meal recipes, introduces you to healthy foods, and customizes your weekly meal recipes.

What do you get with Real Plans:

  1. Customized meal plans tailored to your family’s needs, schedule, and food preferences.
  2. Nutrition data for your meals
  3. 1,500 recipes from health bloggers like Wellness Mama, Paleo Mom, and Naturally Ella
  4. A free mobile app that gives you access to shopping lists for your weekly meals
  5. 24/7 support from the Real Plans Team

Want to learn more? Check out the video below.

Get your customized meal plan today! You will feel confident and ready to tackle this new healthy journey. You and your family deserve to eat healthy. It all starts with a shopping list and meal planner.

Click here to get started! Plans are as low as $6 a month. It’s a small investment in your family’s health!



Note: I am an affiliate of Real Plans but I only promote programs that are aligned with my goal of getting families healthier and stronger with proper nutrition.

Which Diet Is Right For You? None!

Which Diet Is Right For You? None!

Which diet is best for you and your family? None. Customize your family’s diet based on your needs.

Healthy Breakfast & Juice Recipe

Healthy Breakfast & Juice Recipe

If you need recipes for healthy breakfast meals and juices for you and your child, then this blog post is for you!

Why I’m Banning GMOs & You Should Too!

Why I’m Banning GMOs & You Should Too!

It took me 28 years to learn what GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are doing to us and our children’s health.

As I was watching the film “Consumed”, I couldn’t help but to get angry at the thought that many families are eating GMO foods everyday and have no clue what it is and how to avoid it. I was one of those parents…I never did my research…I was too busy making a living that I never stopped for a second to evaluate the food our family was consuming.

Little did I know that the foods we were eating on a daily basis were being poisoned with chemicals and toxins that would kill us in due time. We never felt the need to question the Food Administration  because “they have our best interest at heart” Why should we? Apparently I was wrong…Money is more important than our health to these GMO founders, corporations and even the Food Administration that is supposed to protect us and OUR CHILDREN…The future of this country.

If you don’t know anything about GMOs, its history, their founders, and how these modified foods are impacting our children’s health, you need to watch the documentary I watched this weekend! Check it out here. Don’t live blindfolded and clueless about how our foods are being produced in the USA.

  • To learn how GMOs affect children’s health, go here.
  • To learn which brands make their foods with GMOs, read these two articles:
  • To learn how to transition away from GMO foods, go here.

If you’re thinking right now:

  1. We all have to die from something
  2. Well our parents lived 80-90 years of life and are healthy
  3. I don’t have time for this
  4. I can’t afford to eat healthy
  5. I don’t know what gmos is but I’ll learn about it eventually (when I have time)

No, no and no! That’s what I used to say to myself too. Until I realized that the only path my son was heading was one of a obese and sick person because being ignorant was going to keep him unhealthy. This is what I want you to know:

  1. You do have to die from something one day but not from these GMO linked diseases. You have a chance to live until 80 or 90 years old if you learn now what foods you and your family should consume. Cancer, obesity, heart disease, and allergies are on the rise today. You have to start questioning why is this happening? Why is everyone around us dying from these diseases before they even reach retirement age? Why are there so many children in the US being diagnosed with cancer, food allergies and skin allergies. Do you think the CEOs of these Corporations are feeding their children GMO foods? It’s time to start learning, connecting the dots, and make some permanent changes once and for all.
  2. GMOs have been invading our farms since the early 1990’s. That’s only 26 years ago. Before GMOs were introduced, our chickens, cows, plants and fruits were being grown by conventional methods. That means that our elders have only been exposed to GMOs for 26 years, therefore, we can’t  determine that our life spans will be the same as theirs.
  3. Your children’s health is VERY important and deserves your time. If you want your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to live long and healthy lives, you need to learn now so that you can educate them and pass down the knowledge to other generations.
  4. Although many of us experience financial hardships, I think eating healthy is very possible for a low income family. Farmers Markets in the USA are accepting food stamps and EBT cards nowadays. If you aren’t receiving government assistance and live paycheck to paycheck, you can still avoid the GMO foods in the supermarket by simply choosing other brands than the ones you are buying. It’s a matter of replacing what you’re currently buying with other brands and eliminating the junk food, cereals, and sugary snacks. This is very possible if you commit to budgeting and choosing the right brands on your next trip to the supermarket.
  5. If you don’t have time, MAKE THE TIME! Your family’s health should be a priority over anything else because what you feed them will affect every aspect of their life.

Let’s wake up MOMS! We need to do better for our children. We need to educate ourselves so we know what foods to cook for them. Learning about GMOs can save your life and your children’s lives! If your children’s health is important to you, you will make the time to read these articles and watch the documentary to educate yourself.

Ban GMO foods and buy organic produce!


The brands listed on the above picture all sell foods that have GMO. That means that these foods are made with genetically modified seeds that are grown with toxins and chemicals that are linked to cancer, ADHD, heart disease, leaky gut, obesity and many other diseases. There’s studies to prove that.

I used to buy my family these foods from probably every brand on this list until I realized our family was borderline diabetic, obese and sick with all types of allergies. I switched our diet to a vegetarian and plant based diet in January 2016 (see picture below of the foods I used to buy prior to 2016 and what foods I buy now). We no longer suffer from any kind of allergies and we lost 60 lbs combined. We aren’t borderline diabetic anymore. My son is healthier than ever. It’s been 9 months since we have been following this new healthy lifestyle and my son hasn’t gotten sick once.

Anyone can make these changes if you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, not just for you, but for your kids, your grandkids, and your great grandkids.

Take small steps to start living a healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, so can you!








Start making changes today! I have plenty of tips and recipes on my blog to get you started. Thanks for reading my post. I hope you found it helpful. Share it with other moms who need to learn about GMOs.


Life Lessons of a Working Mom

Life Lessons of a Working Mom

Invest in people and not materialistic things! You will be happier and more fulfilled.

Top 3 Healthy Juice & Meal Recipes For Kids

Top 3 Healthy Juice & Meal Recipes For Kids

Simple, easy and delicious recipes for working moms and kids!



Don’t Feed Your Children Unhealthy Foods!

There was a post recently that went viral of a mom showing her grab and go school snack system for her child; however, the snacks consisted of pure junk foods and soda. No veggies, apples, healthy granola bars, yogurts, or any healthy foods that provide nutrients for a child that is growing and developing. These pictures screamed child obesity and diabetes but for some reason, thousands of people supported this train of thought and the idea that JUNK FOOD CAN SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME? I had to go on a health rant but a positive one.

Check out my video below:


In reading the comments and posts from other moms, I realized that the key issue here was the lack of education on children’s health. Moms aren’t educated on how junk foods and sugar affect the mental, physical and emotional state of a child. As a full time mom and wife with a demanding job, I completely understand how time and money is a concern when it comes to your children eating healthy; however, I think that junk food is not the solution and it creates bigger problems for ourselves and our children long term.

Feeding your children healthy foods is an investment in their health and their future!

These are some articles you can read to learn how junk food affects our children’s health:

Article 1 

Article 2 

Article 3

Article 4 

So here’s what I would like to tell all the moms who supported this mom’s post:

  1. Please don’t be ignorant about your child’s nutrition. If you don’t know, chips, soda, hostess and gummies are not healthy for your children. They have a lot of sugar, chemicals, fat, preservatives and ingredients that are super toxic for a little body that is growing and developing. They need nutrients from fruits and veggies for their growing bones, heart, brain, and major organs. You may not see now how these foods affect your child’s development and health, but when they are 15, 20, 25 year old and they are suffering from heart disease or diabetes you will regret feeding them these foods. I am not a nutritionist but I’ve done my research and feel confident enough to say that this junk food is poison, you should do your research too. This should be enough motivation to get you cooking healthy foods and filling up your kids lunch bags with fruits and veggies.
  2. Instead of giving your child this junk, why not buy them bananas, apples, carrots or celery with a dip? There are so many options available that are much healthier than this junk. Change the Oreos for multi grain crackers, replace the hostess with an apple and replace the soda for water. Make healthier choices mom.
  3. Don’t cloud your mind with thoughts like “it’s too expensive to eat healthy” or “I can’t afford organic”. Anyone would be healthier eating non organic fruits and veggies than eating chips and soda. If you spent $30 on junk food, you can spend that same amount buying fruits and veggies. That’s not an excuse.
  4. If you liked this post because she saved time putting this system in place for a grab and go snack, please know that it probably takes a lot less time for your child to just grab an apple or celery sticks from the fridge to put it in his bag. That alone could take seconds.
  5. No, you don’t need to deprive your kids from some sweets. The key is to give them junk food in small amounts and be selective in what junk food you give them. I’m not saying to keep chips and soda away from your kids forever. They can have it at parties or special events but don’t make it as part of their daily diet. I banned all the junk food from big brands and buy healthier snacks from local businesses. Instead of chips I buy non gmo popcorn, instead of hostess I buy an organic granola bar.
  6. Don’t be lazy, PLEASE. If you need to get up a few mins earlier or stay up later to prepare a healthy lunch bag for your children, then do it!!

I encourage all the moms out there to do their research and take action right away on getting your children on a healthier path.
Let’s support the good habits and the healthy lifestyle for our children to encourage moms like her to make some changes. It all starts with one person and one change. Like and share!

How do you feel about feeding your children junk food?

ARK Mommy

Why I Use These Ingredients To Improve My Health

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