Don’t Feed Your Children Unhealthy Foods!

There was a post recently that went viral of a mom showing her grab and go school snack system for her child; however, the snacks consisted of pure junk foods and soda. No veggies, apples, healthy granola bars, yogurts, or any healthy foods that provide nutrients for a child that is growing and developing. These pictures screamed child obesity and diabetes but for some reason, thousands of people supported this train of thought and the idea that JUNK FOOD CAN SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME? I had to go on a health rant but a positive one.

Check out my video below:


In reading the comments and posts from other moms, I realized that the key issue here was the lack of education on children’s health. Moms aren’t educated on how junk foods and sugar affect the mental, physical and emotional state of a child. As a full time mom and wife with a demanding job, I completely understand how time and money is a concern when it comes to your children eating healthy; however, I think that junk food is not the solution and it creates bigger problems for ourselves and our children long term.

Feeding your children healthy foods is an investment in their health and their future!

These are some articles you can read to learn how junk food affects our children’s health:

Article 1 

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So here’s what I would like to tell all the moms who supported this mom’s post:

  1. Please don’t be ignorant about your child’s nutrition. If you don’t know, chips, soda, hostess and gummies are not healthy for your children. They have a lot of sugar, chemicals, fat, preservatives and ingredients that are super toxic for a little body that is growing and developing. They need nutrients from fruits and veggies for their growing bones, heart, brain, and major organs. You may not see now how these foods affect your child’s development and health, but when they are 15, 20, 25 year old and they are suffering from heart disease or diabetes you will regret feeding them these foods. I am not a nutritionist but I’ve done my research and feel confident enough to say that this junk food is poison, you should do your research too. This should be enough motivation to get you cooking healthy foods and filling up your kids lunch bags with fruits and veggies.
  2. Instead of giving your child this junk, why not buy them bananas, apples, carrots or celery with a dip? There are so many options available that are much healthier than this junk. Change the Oreos for multi grain crackers, replace the hostess with an apple and replace the soda for water. Make healthier choices mom.
  3. Don’t cloud your mind with thoughts like “it’s too expensive to eat healthy” or “I can’t afford organic”. Anyone would be healthier eating non organic fruits and veggies than eating chips and soda. If you spent $30 on junk food, you can spend that same amount buying fruits and veggies. That’s not an excuse.
  4. If you liked this post because she saved time putting this system in place for a grab and go snack, please know that it probably takes a lot less time for your child to just grab an apple or celery sticks from the fridge to put it in his bag. That alone could take seconds.
  5. No, you don’t need to deprive your kids from some sweets. The key is to give them junk food in small amounts and be selective in what junk food you give them. I’m not saying to keep chips and soda away from your kids forever. They can have it at parties or special events but don’t make it as part of their daily diet. I banned all the junk food from big brands and buy healthier snacks from local businesses. Instead of chips I buy non gmo popcorn, instead of hostess I buy an organic granola bar.
  6. Don’t be lazy, PLEASE. If you need to get up a few mins earlier or stay up later to prepare a healthy lunch bag for your children, then do it!!

I encourage all the moms out there to do their research and take action right away on getting your children on a healthier path.
Let’s support the good habits and the healthy lifestyle for our children to encourage moms like her to make some changes. It all starts with one person and one change. Like and share!

How do you feel about feeding your children junk food?

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