A family that works out together stays together!

Starting your fitness journey is by far one of the hardest decisions you will ever make and one that requires a lot of commitment, dedication and perseverance. You question yourself, you doubt yourself, and you make excuses to not do it. BUT if you want to get fit, you have to exercise. There’s no way around that. Working out plays such a big role in improving your health and transforming your body. It’s a process that requires patience and determination. Many of us start our fitness journey and then give up because we don’t see results right away. The problem with that is that results don’t happen overnight, especially if done the all natural way (meaning no powders, pills, or teas).

Overnight goals are non existent. Putting your body through rigorous movements & lifting is NOT EASY, especially if you are overweight or obese. Working out is challenging, both mentally and physically. It’s messy! You sweat, you breathe heavy, you get out of breathe, you feel like throwing up, you get dizzy, your body hurts, and you push your body beyond it’s limits. But guess what happens afterwards?

  1. You see results with time
  2. You start feeling more energized
  3. You become less stressed and angry
  4. You become more flexible
  5. Your body starts to crave the adrenaline so you start to workout more regularly
  6. You start to see the fat disappear and the muscles peak out
  7. Your mindset changes
  8. You gain confidence
  9. You become healthier and fit
  10. You get stronger physically, mentally and emotionally
  11. You influence and inspire other people to get healthy too

The pros outweighs the cons. You have to be mentally prepared to workout and you’ve got to want it. You have to push through and fight for it. Don’t let the struggles discourage you from starting or continuing your journey. The rewards are amazing! You become a better person because of your fitness journey. And you break the cycle of obesity in your home. Now your children will want to join you in your health and fitness journey and they will pass that on to their kids.

My fitness journey began about 1 year ago. I was 210lbs and was ready to make a change. Working out has changed my life. I’m stronger today because of the 45 mins I dedicate to moving my body at night. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance but your results will drive you and push you beyond your limits. Not only that, I get to teach my 5 year old all about taking care of his body and how to stay healthy with a good diet and exercise. I make my son part of our workouts and we bond through it. It’s a lifestyle that is so rewarding  once you experience the benefits of exercise and healthy foods.

I started working out with a UFC Fit Plan which was a 12 week program where the focus was on burning calories, shredding body fat, increasing functional “fighting” strength, and quickly improving cardiovascular fitness, not building lots of new muscle mass. Great workout! But I felt like I needed more.

A few months later, I found Beachbody workouts and stuck with that workout since. We have been doing insanity for 45 days and we are seeing great results. Our bodies are leaner and we are building muscle without spending a lot of money on gym memberships or leaving our son at home. Below are my progress photos.

The beauty of the beachbody workouts is that they are ridiculously affordable and you can do any kind of workout from the comfort of your own home through streaming. You like boxing? We have a workout for that. You like yoga? We have a video for beginners. It all depends on what you enjoy and you can switch your workouts whenever you feel the need to.

If you’re tired of wanting more and not taking action, if you want to change your life, or if you just need a workout partner or someone to guide you through this journey, I’m here for you. Reach out to me and we will discuss a plan that works for you.

Here is a free 30 day trial of BeachBody On Demand! Just click the link below to get started!


Don’t wait anymore and let go of the excuses. Start your fitness journey with Beachbody on Demand and never look back.


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