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What is the ARK Mommy blog all about?

ARK Mommy is a blog for all the moms that are looking for some inspiration to lose weight naturally, improve their family’s health, and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle all while picking up a few tips on parenting, children’s health, educating your kids at home, being green, and living life as a working mom. If you need tips on how to:

  • Lose weight the natural way
  • Get started with juicing for you and your kids
  • Raise a healthy family
  • Prepare healthy meals for your family (recipes available)
  • Stay motivated and win as a working and healthy mom
  • Transform your health
  • Educate your kids at home

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“It All Starts With Us…MOMS”

The name of my blog is ARK Mommy because ARK is a symbol of light, positivity and hope which is what I want my blog to stand for. Not only that, the first letters of my family’s name spells out ARK and what better way than to name your blog after your family. After all, they are responsible for the person I have become today.

In 1 year my family and I have transformed our lives all through juicing, healthy eating, and exercise. A year ago, my husband weighed 306 lbs and I weighed 210 lbs. We were overweight, miserable, lacked motivation to do anything, and our health was in jeopardy. I was borderline diabetic. We both suffered from seasonal allergies, and experienced muscle tension and pain due to stress and lack of physical activity . We didn’t take care of our health at all, and we lived very routine lives. It was time for a change…Our transformation began with ME.

A lot has changed in 1 year but change came naturally when we decided to focus on our health and put everything else aside.

Since 2015:
? We both became vegetarians because we educated ourselves and realized there were other foods that provided protein other than animal meat. We no longer wanted to see animals get tortured and killed.

? We both lost 30 & 40 lbs eating lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains but most importantly consuming healthy juices. That’s how our journey began. Juicing changed our lives. Our son has been with us through our juicing journey and he has been impacted in such a positive way by the changes we have made. He now understands why juicing is vital for him.

? We no longer use any hair or skin products with chemicals and toxic ingredients in them. We protect our bodies from all sorts of chemicals because we understand how it can affect our health. Using all natural products has changed our skin, hair, and also our moods. We also save a lot by only buying products we need vs what advertisements tell us we need.

? Eating healthy gave my husband and I a lot of mental clarity. Before we were on our healthy journey, we used to buy junk food and unhealthy foods mostly everyday. We would then sit on the couch and watch TV until it was time to go to bed. After we started fueling our bodies with the right foods, we began to have more conversations and share ideas about what we wanted to do in our lives. We began mapping out a plan for my husband to quit the job he hated and have him start his apparel business along with other projects he wanted to work on in order to free him up to spend more time with us. That’s exactly what we did. He has been job free since April 2016. His apparel business is doing well and we spend a lot more time now enjoying each other and making great memories. We learned that it’s not all about the money and that our time together is more valuable.

?We exercise 5 times a week now. Before 2015, I think the last time I exercised was a year before and it was during the summer. I dieted every summer and worked out for 3 months until summer was over. Then it was back to gaining weight and feeling all kinds of ways about myself because I gained double the weight I lost. I am too familiar with yo yo dieting. I was too lazy to exercise and my husband didn’t have the time to do it so it was easier to just say that I was too tired. Since we started our healthy journey, my husband and I committed to working out 5 days a week. There’s days where we don’t want to workout but we encourage each other, motivate each other, and remind each other why we have to. Now that we are seeing a lot of results, we are more motivated to keep going.

? We view the world in a different light now. It’s crazy what happens when you open yourself up for new thoughts, ideas, and start developing new values. Don’t be close minded. Listen to other people’s stories, experiences, and watch documentaries that open your mind up to a different set of beliefs and views. If we were closed minded, we would still be eating meat, eating unhealthy foods, replacing time for money, and living unhappy.

To transform your health, you need to get uncomfortable with change. You will feel alone, you will doubt yourself, you will get mad and cry sometimes, you will feel like quitting, you will feel impatient in getting results, you will feel like nothing is progressing, you will feel overwhelmed, you will be tired, you will not be yourself for quite sometime…But that’s ok. That’s what your journey is supposed to be like. Lean on the people that support your journey and that genuinely care for you.

I share our story because I think it’s important to show other moms that change is possible. You can achieve what you’re meant to achieve if you plan, execute, believe in yourself, stay committed and determined, and endure the pain that comes with change. The journey is ugly but the results are so rewarding. You can do it MOMS! Start your journey and don’t look back.

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