How Did Yoga Change Our Lives?

How Did Yoga Change Our Lives?

4 months ago my son and I discovered Yoga. I knew that the gym was not for me and I hated any form of exercise that caused sore muscles or pain (like that’s even possible lol). But I made a decision to improve my health for my family and I, and that meant starting to move my body at night and getting into some sort of work out routine that would help me lose the weight and stay fit. I initially started doing yoga to lose weight but then it became a form of exercise and meditation to bond with my son. I’m a working mom on a budget so I found that coming home late afternoon and spending 30 minutes doing yoga without spending a dime, needing any equipment or leaving my son, wasn’t so bad after all. I knew that anything that resembled the gym was not for me so I was willing to try yoga in hopes I would like it and stick to it in the long run. It was either go all in or go home! ūüôā

We never tried yoga before but after reading the “Happy Vegan” book by Russell Simmons I was very inspired and motivated to try this new form of exercise. I wasn’t sure if my son would join me in my new yoga journey but I thought I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

We started doing the 21 day yoga extreme work out at least once every other day. When I started 4 months ago, I weighed 202 pounds. That’s pretty heavy for a 28 year old that is only 5ft¬†tall. I remember going on instagram one day to check out what other yogis were doing and how they started but all I kept seeing was these skinny women doing yoga. That wasn’t stopping me from trying though. If anything it motivated me to push myself and move my body in ways I thought I never would. I was not going to let my weight be an obstacle.

The first few weeks were pretty rough. I couldn’t do any of the yoga poses, my breathing was off, I was getting tired half way through the video, some days I couldn’t even finish the video, and I wasn’t able to keep my balance. I was having a hard time processing this new work out routine. I wasn’t even sure if yoga was really helping me with agility or muscle strength¬†but I kept doing it every other day. One positive thing that I did notice right away was my 4 year old showing a lot of interest in yoga. Although I struggled, he was very good at it. He would practice with me at night and at times he would even encourage me to keep going. When I couldn’t do the yoga pose, my son would show me the pose and say “Mommy, you can do it…like this”. That was my motivation. I kept pushing myself every time I did yoga. Practicing with my son really bonded us in a way that I never thought possible. That’s when we decided to try doing some yoga poses together.

In a few weeks I started seeing a lot of progress. I was more flexible, I was finishing the entire video without so much struggle, I would even do most of the yoga poses in the video. Recently my son and I started practicing doing more of the advanced poses together. We fall, laugh, get up again and try each pose one more time to perfect it, although it is never perfect. We actually enjoy our yoga routine and we look forward to trying something new every night.

Now I weigh 184 lbs and my son and I have developed a new love for yoga. Who would think this 28 year old mommy who is “overweight” (but super healthy)¬†and¬†hated working out would learn yoga?! This experience has taught me:

  • Expose your kids to as many sports and physical activities as you can. You don’t know what may catch their interest and may¬†develop into something that they grow to love and be very passionate about when they get older.
  • Never limit yourself regardless of your upbringing, weight or even gender type. We should always go with our intuition and do what feels right. Who cares what anyone thinks?¬†
  • Everything takes time but while you’re struggling DO NOT give up! I’m still not even close to being a yoga expert but that’s ok. I’m learning new yoga poses daily. I still struggle to do the more advanced ones but I practice everyday to get better at it. What matter is that you’re still trying and that you’re progressing.

I highly recommend that any mom out there that has a busy schedule and kids to raise takes 30 minutes of their time to try this new work out. Don’t wait for a perfect set up or a perfect time to get started. You should try yoga at home with your kids to get them involved and to give you the opportunity to bond with them after a long day of work. Not only would you feel great after working out but you would also show your kids how important it is to persevere in every situation, and to always take care of their bodies because that’s the fuel to life.

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