How My Son Went From Eating Processed Foods to Fruits & Vegetables

How My Son Went From Eating Processed Foods to Fruits & Vegetables

When people say getting healthy is too hard, I always tell them it’s as hard as you make it. To get whatever you want in life takes hard work so getting healthy with your family wouldn’t be any different. It just depends on how bad you want it.

You see, about 7 months ago I was feeding my son processed foods for breakfast with frozen drinks that had lots of sugar. The 3 pictures on the left were taken last year. My son and I warmed up frozen aunt jemima pancakes, jimmy dean sausages and made scrambled eggs. We then made a smoothie with frozen fruits. This is a typical breakfast for many families. The problem with this is:

1) Frozen foods have a lot of salt and they lack nutritional value. Not only that, frozen foods are processed and they have toxic ingredients that are used to preserve the food. Some of them also have fatty additives.

2) Frozen fruits have added sugar and aren’t as healthy as fresh fruit from the farmers market.

3) We didn’t eat any fruits and vegetables for breakfast. Our breakfast consisted of fatty foods and sugary drinks in the morning so we kept feeling tired and lacked energy throughout the day.

So how did we change all this?

I got sick and tired of being overweight and seeing my son going down that same path. From that moment on, I made a decision to focus on our health, did my research and took massive action.

?We first started juicing with fruits and vegetables

?We then replaced meat, fatty foods and processed foods with more vegetables and homemade recipes

? We added fruits to our breakfast

? Lastly, we reduced our dairy intake by replacing regular cow milk with coconut and almond milk. We also reduced the amount of cheese in our foods.

The pictures on the right were taken last week. For breakfast my son usually eats now an avocado salad with homemade banana sugar/dairy free pancakes with a lemon and honey water, or we have fruits with oatmeal, or a vegetable sandwich. He also has his green juice every morning.

The secret is to replace the bad foods with FRUITS and VEGETABLES. And when you do, you will feel so amazing that you will continue bettering your health and your family’s.

So the next time you start thinking, this is too difficult for you to do, remember that if I could do it, so can you.

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