How To Get Your Children Living Healthy?

How To Get Your Children Living Healthy?

It has become more evident that obesity rates among kids are at their highest right now. The food industry has revolutionized how they make our food by adding preservatives, dyes, chemicals, additives, refined sugar and using genetically modified corn (gmos) which is poison for our children. Most of the food our children consume today is processed and high in sugar and fat.

This is what the experts are predicting for the future:
 There will be less females and males in sports because most of our population will be obese and unhealthy
 1 in 3 kids will have diabetes, cancer and heart disease
 Our children will suffer academically which will lead to depressed, unmotivated, suicidal adults

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Did this spark anger in you? It sure did to us when we read this for the first time. We need to be the change for our kids. We need to teach our kids that health is everything. Motivate our kids to be better to pursue careers in fitness, sports and high intelligence jobs that require mental strength. We need to push them every day to be better than they were the day before.

That’s why I made a decision a year ago to add juicing to my son’s diet, remove meat, and add all kinds of vegetables, grains, nuts, and plant based protein. Does he have sugar from time to time? Of course, he’s a child! But he only eats it at special occasions and only after he has had a healthy meal in the day. My son doesn’t know till this day what it’s like to eat McDonald’s or Burger King food because he knows fast food is off limits. I’ve been teaching my son since last year how to have control over food and how to heal naturally with vegetables/fruits, teas and oils. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing my son enjoy a very healthy meal. He looks forward to his green juices and healthy meals. Knowing that he’s on the right path with his health let’s me know we are doing a good job. His health comes first and he knows it.

For all the moms that think this isn’t possible, I’m here to tell you it is! You are the food boss at home. You control what they eat. You cook their food and put it on their plate. Don’t leave it up to your kids to decide what to eat. You’re the boss so put your foot down and make healthier choices for them. They will thank you in the future.

Here are some photos of my son enjoying a healthy meal and juice!











So what should you do to change the health of your children?

  1.  Be an example for your children. Eat healthy foods and they will follow.
  2.  Educate your children on how to fuel their bodies with healthy foods, especially vegetables.
  3.  Replace “fake foods” with nature’s foods. Avoid frozen and processed foods. Any foods that come in a bag or are made in a lab should be avoided. Those foods have a lot of chemicals.
  4.  Encourage your kids to workout with you so they can stay strong and active. Let them run, exercise, or practice a sport they like.
  5.  Introduce your kids to vegetables as soon as they are able to eat solid foods and add it to their meals at least once a day. You can add vegetables in their smoothies, juices, sandwiches, soups and salads.
  6.  Replace store brand juices with all natural juices made at home with any juicer of your choice. To learn how to get your kids juicing, check out this post.
  7.  Make a healthy diet mandatory at home. as parents, we know what’s best for them. Would you let a child decide what school they go to? When to do their hw? Or when to shower and brush their teeth? No right? So why are we letting our children decide what they want to eat?
  8.  Add grains, seeds, and leafy greens to your family’s meals (see recipes here)
  9.  Monitor the junk food. We will let kids be kids on special occasions, but try to eliminate the junk and fast food on a daily basis and add more whole foods.
  10.  Encourage your kids to start juicing. You can check out our book on how to get your kids started here.

What are you doing to change your health, your family’s health, and our world? Decide today to join this movement and change your life and your children’s lives forever! If you have any questions or need any support to get your children live a healthy lifestyle, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to support you in any way I can.

Stay healthy, including your lil’ ones!

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