Juicing, Vegetables, and Exercise Changed My Life!

Juicing, Vegetables, and Exercise Changed My Life!

I have struggled with weight issues my whole life, especially after I had my son. I tried every diet you can think of and they all worked but a few months later I would fall back to my old eating habits and gain double the weight that I lost. Not only that, all the chemicals I was putting into my body from these diets was poison for me.

Many people think you need a magic pill, a shake, drops, prepackaged meals, or some sort of dietary supplement to lose weight or be healthy. Others think you need to spend hours at the gym to build muscle. I managed to get healthy on a low-budget and I managed to work out at home without leaving my family or spending a lot of money on a gym membership.

All you need is fruits, vegetables, a juicer and a home work out video with a dose of determination to overcome anything that stops you from reaching your health goals. Is that simple!

My weight loss is a direct result of a clean eating and juicing lifestyle. It all began when I eliminated meat, started juicing and eating lots of vegetables, and then everything else fell into place. Read about our journey here!

I juice now everyday, I make healthy meals for my family and I, and we do our insanity workouts 5 days a week. We make a commitment every single day to stay healthy and active. This is not a diet or a temporary change for us it is a LIFESTYLE.

juicing saved my life

The picture above shows what juicing and vegetables has done for me. The pictures on the left were taken in 2014 and 2015 when I was a sugar addict, overweight, miserable, lacked energy, had no mental or physical strength, suffered from allergies, eczema, and mood swings. But what I recall more vividly than anything else is that I was borderline diabetic. The doctor told me in Dec of 2015 that I needed to lose weight or I will end up with diabetes. That was an eye opener for me. That is when I decided to hire a life coach/nutritionist to help me get on track with healthy eating but to also hold me accountable for everything that I wanted to accomplish in life including being healthy and feeling alive again.

The pictures on the right were taken in the last 6 months. I’m 40 lbs lighter, I’m building muscle, and I feel amazing. I never felt this way my whole life. I feel strong mentally and physically, alive, confident, happy, energetic, and healthy!! I feel like I can conquer the world. Not only that, I no longer suffer from any allergies, eczema, mood swings or anything else that I had when I was unhealthy.

It’s been a very difficult journey for me but I’m very glad to see where I am today and where I’m heading. No more unhealthy diets or weight loss solutions or anything that isn’t good for my body. I’m sticking to lots of greens and all natural juices. That’s my secret.

I hope my story motivates you to go to the supermarket to pick up more fruits and vegetables and start juicing for you and your family. Our dream is to see every family in the world own a juicer and add natural juices to their diet.

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