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The health of our children today and for future generations to come relies on us teaching our children the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Raising a healthy and successful child means showing them how to fuel their bodies with the right foods to stay healthy. Everything in life starts with our health. We need to raise healthy children so that they can live long and happy lives. Isn’t that what we want for our children? Don’t we want our children to pass on their healthy habits to their kids and the following generation? Don’t we want to set up our children to thrive in this world?

I used to buy store brand juices from the supermarket before I started my juicing journey. Then I discovered that all of the juices were high in sugar and had preservatives. So I decided about 16 months ago to never buy a store brand juice again. I made a decision to do everything all natural at home and bought a juicer to make our own homemade juices. Since then, we have been enjoying the benefits of juicing, such as:

  • Getting the vitamins and nutrients we need to energize and start our day
  • Staying hydrated
  • Boosts our immune system
  • Getting our child familiar with vegetables and fruits that are crucial for their growth and development
  • Experimenting in the kitchen with my kid juicer
  • Getting all of the nutrients that we sometimes lack in our meals

Get your kids to start juicing so they can reap the benefits that comes with juicing. Even if your kids are picky eaters, replace the store brand juices you’re buying and make them natural juices at home to sneak in the leafy greens and vegetables.

To motivate and inspire other parents to join this movement, I created an IG & FB page that will teach parents all about juicing for children and how to get them started. I will be sharing my son’s juicing journey and posting lots of good information on there. Not only that, I’ll be sharing pictures of other #kidjuicers to celebrate their journey and to acknowledge their parents for doing such an awesome job.

Are you ready to transform your child into #kidjuicer! If you are, follow the kidjuicer Instagram page here.

Happy Juicing!
ARK Mommy

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