Life Lessons of a Working Mom

Life Lessons of a Working Mom

It took me years to realize that the most valuable and important things in life are people and not things.

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being rich and having all the things that I thought would make me happy… A business, a nice car, a big home, nice clothes, lots of gadgets, the newest tv, a hefty bank account, and all the fancy things that money can buy. Little did I know that those things are not what fulfills us or makes us happy. Chasing money like it was the only thing that mattered in this world kept me empty and miserable inside. I used to put work first and then everything else came second. I neglected many friendships, relationships and other people that were important to me. But I woke up one day…

After soul searching, coaching and self development, I’ve learned that the most fulfilling thing in this world is the relationships you build and foster, especially the ones that support you in everything you do. I learned that when I had my son. This 5 year old doesn’t know yet the impact his words and actions have on us. He’s my biggest fan…He wipes my tears when I’m sad, he tells me not to be afraid when I’m scared, he makes me laugh when I had a hard day, he tells me to keep going when I want to quit, he hugs me when all I need is love, he tells me I look pretty when I’m not feeling overly confident, he tells me I’m doing a great job when I critique my work. The little man he has become is a result of the time my husband and I have spent with him because we learned one day that giving him our time was the best gift we can give him.

I work now for more time and freedom to create more memories rather than to buy the next fancy car. I look forward to the time I spend with my son, my husband, and those who appreciate the person I’ve become.

The moments you share with your kids and spouse are not replaceable by anything that has a dollar sign attached to it. The fancy stuff is great to have but it won’t give you the kind of happiness you need. Making memories with the people you love will. I know I can still have it all but I won’t get there by sacrificing my loved ones. I’ll get there when I get there because what matters more to me are these beautiful souls that keep me going every single day,

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