Roadtrip! What Healthy Foods Can We Eat?

Roadtrip! What Healthy Foods Can We Eat?

Are you planning a family road trip and need healthy food options to take with you while on the road? Well..I’m here to help you with that. Get rid of those sugary snacks and add more of the nutritional snacks  like fruits and nuts.

If you have ever taken a road trip, you know that what you’ll see on the road are huge billboards promoting straight up junk food. I’ve seen so many today that it’s mind boggling to me. We could make healthy choices while on the road. Remember it all starts with you! You have full control of your food and your health.

I want to share with you the healthy meals and snacks I put together for our family’s road trip this week (17 hours…ouch!) I stayed up till 2 am last night preparing our foods for the road. ? I was exhausted from work and from running last minute errands but when you are committed to your health you sacrifice time for your wellbeing and for those around you.

This is what I prepared for our road trip:













  • Cantaloupe
  • Watermelon
  • Grapes
  • Blueberries
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Apples
  • Kiwi
  • Organic oatmeal granola bar
  • Cashews

*I froze the fruits before leaving so the fruits can stay fresh in hot weather


  • Broccoli with carrots and asparagus  (I cooked them and put it in a food warmer)
  • Spinach pasta with tomato sauce and some onions and peppers
  • Vegetable rice made with couscous (added tomatoes,onions, cilantro and a little teriyaki sauce from trader joes)

I chose foods that we can eat cold and won’t go bad if not kept in the fridge.


  • Water
  • Kombucha for my husband and I
  • Brought cucumbers and carrots to make juices where we are staying. We don’t go anywhere without our juicer ?.







This is my 4 year eating his greens on his way to Florida.

Not only are we eating healthy while on the road but I’m saving a ton of money by not buying the junk at the rest areas. We have driven about 500 miles already and I have yet to see a healthy restaurant or a juicing spot we can stop at. No wonder our mind is always thinking about junk food because signs are everywhere. This is sad but true.

My dream one day is to have healthy options available for our kids EVERYWHERE in the US! The first step to a healthier world is by changing food advertisements to ones that teach healthy eating is the way to go. Why aren’t there billboards that say “eat more fruits and vegetables to get your body and mind right” instead of “stop here for this delicious burger”.

Since this won’t be happening anytime soon, it’s up to us to make wiser health choices for our children. If you are taking a road trip, prepare healthy snacks for your little ones. Don’t give in to those advertisements. Don’t let them control your child’s health. Only you have the power to that with your decisions and actions.

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Safe travels!

ARK Mommy


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