What They Didn’t Tell About Us About Health…

What They Didn’t Tell About Us About Health…

It’s the first day of the year.  New year, new us. That’s what we all say to ourselves as soon as the New Year starts because we think this year will be different. I was one of those people that set New Year’s resolutions on the 1st of January. I used to write down my ideal weight and even envisioned what I wanted to look like. For the first few weeks I was set on eating healthy. I took my so called healthy meals to work and was committed to eating healthy foods for a few weeks. But that didn’t last long. 2-3 months later I was back at it with my old eating habits. It all went spiraling down from there because I didn’t have a healthy mindset and I wasn’t committed to my health. I just wanted to look good, don’t we all? Well, let me tell you why that’s the reason you still haven’t met your health goals.

Being healthy is all a mindset. You have to be committed to your health, not your looks. There’s a level of wisdom, knowledge and mental strength that comes with being healthy. You see…many of us think that being healthy is about getting that six pack or losing weight to look “skinny”. When in reality being healthy is a lot more than that. Being healthy is about waking up in the morning with a lots of energy, running with your children without getting out of breath, feeling good inside after fueling your body with the right foods, being physically well to enjoy sports or activities with your families, to have mental clarity to pursue your goals and dreams, but most importantly to live a long and happy life along with your family, a life free of diseases and sickness so that you can enjoy it with the people you love. That’s where health and wealth meets.

We associate wealth with money but in reality wealth means being abundant in the things that we can’t put a price tag on like OUR HEALTH. Why is it that we go through life focusing on how money can bring us happiness but we never stop to think how our health can bring us happiness? That’s the problem with society today. We are told that money is everything, that money can buy happiness, that money or “wealth” can give us a level of satisfaction but why isn’t anyone ever telling you that in order to live wealthy lives your health should be a priority. Without good health, what good is all the money you have accumulated? We go through life never asking those questions and that is why the U.S has the most obese population in the world. From the minute we start school, we are never taught how to take care of our bodies, or what good health does to our physical and mental being, or even how to fuel our bodies with the right foods to prevent cancer. Let’s not even talk about the most unhealthy and toxic foods that we are fed at schools. The idea that health is not wealth stems from what education we receive at an early age. My family and I were part of that system. We had no idea what it took to be healthy until 2016 that we made a decision to not be obese anymore and learn how to be healthy the natural way.

Today we are seeing more and more companies promote products for weight loss and to improve our health with false claims of “fast results”. Many people think you need a magic pill, a shake, drops, prepackaged meals, or some sort of dietary supplement to lose weight or be healthy. Others think you need to spend hours at the gym to build muscle. My husband and I managed to get healthy on a low-budget, while working out at home. We were not willing to give up family time or spend a lot of money on a gym membership to get healthy. We knew there was another way to be healthy other than what we had seen on social media. To be healthy doesn’t mean you give up everything you liked and start all over. It means training your healthy mindset, being open to change, making healthier choices, balancing your diet, following a healthy routine, making your family part of your health journey, and becoming a better version of yourself along the way.

To live a healthy lifestyle the all-natural way, all you need is fruits, vegetables, a juicer and a home work out video with a dose of determination to overcome anything that stops you from reaching your health goals. Is that simple! Forget everything you’ve seen on social media or anything that you have learned prior to reading this eBook. Being healthy the all-natural way is the best way to start your health journey because it will give you optimal health, maintain it, and make you feel the best. It is by far the most rewarding lifestyle you can possible live for you and your family.


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